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Actual Client Savings Under 3-hab's Physician Case Management

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The figures indicated are actual claim costs through 2018 that favorably impacts the employer’s premium since the savings compared to ODG cost and lost days is considerably less

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The figures indicated are actual claim costs through 2018 that favorably impacts the employer’s premium since the savings compared to ODG cost and lost days is considerably less

*Actual cost and days compared to Official Disability Guidelines

The 3-hab Advantage

Physician Claim Management

Interactive Client Portal

One Point of Contact

Industry Code Comparison

Customized Reporting

Easy OSHA and PERRP Reporting

Our approach

3-hab has provided a proven system since 1994 for returning injured workers to jobs quickly and safely. Our physician case managers medically manage prompt, appropriate care for injured employees, while keeping employers informed of their employee’s progress.

Our philosophy

3-hab uses ONLY Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Psychiatric and Dental physicians to make medical decisions on all claims.

3-hab believes that the Physician of Record POR holds the employer's bottom line in their hands depending how efficient and effective an injured worker's claim is managed. 3-hab's PHYSICIAN Case Manager's interaction with the POR in a PEER to PEER relationship to discuss alternative treatment has been IMPERATIVE for us to cooperatively save hundreds of thousands of dollars for employers.


Our Medical Director, Associate Medical Directors, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer are willing participants in the problem solving process, therefore keeping the lines of communication always open.

Why 3-hab?

Each day, 3-hab takes steps towards our goal to resolve workers compensation claims with the expertise of our physician case managers which leads to an employer’s success.

3-hab physicians proactively manage ALL claims ensuring timely and effective treatment

3-hab provides unique management tools in the MCO world by ONLY utilizing physicians to manage claims. Claim management is done by orthopedic, chiropractic, internal, occupational medicine, psychologist and dentists. These Physician Case Managers approve/deny reimbursement and take the next step and call the Physician of Record POR to discuss treatment when necessary.

Minimize lost time/compensation that ultimately saves premium dollars.

3-hab’s physicians speak directly to the POR concerning a release to return the injured worker safely back to work when time off work is not appropriate

3-hab's proprietary computer system

Employer’s have access to our portal which provides real time claim information, interactive OSHA reporting and many multi-faceted management reports.

3-hab’s physicians frequently consult with the employers and discuss difficult cases.

This provides clarification on claim activity and provides an opportunity for the employer to ask questions.

3-hab’s physicians call the lost time injured worker to check status

3-hab physicians may identify possible issues and work proactively to avoid/resolve issues.

One Point of Contact

3-hab believes continuity is important so we provide a one point contact who knows the employers claims and maintains an open line of communication with the employer.

Eliminate "Run-away" claims

Our physicians are highly successful in obtaining work releases that typically minimize if not eliminate compensation, therefore controlling the drain on an employer’s premium.

MoD score is the MCO measurement on this year’s BWC report card

The MoD measures the ability to get the injured worker back to work which is managed by the MCO. MoD is impacted by the willingness of companies (union and non-union) to allow the injured worker to return to work. 3-hab specializes in taking challenging claims and turning them into success stories.

Manage Unnecessary Medical Procedures

Our physicians manage all services even those that fall under presumptive authorization at the beginning of a claim to ensure appropriate services to pay.

Easy Access Customization

Employer’s have access to our portal which provides real time claim information, interactive OSHA reporting and many multi-faceted management reports.

Dear Employer,

Many employers think Worker’s Compensation is a monster that cannot be easily managed. Management of Worker’s Compensation claims is effortless using 3-hab. We provide a one point of contact with the Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator will ensure all medical documentation is obtained and forwarded to all parties. Our physicians will speak with the injured worker’s physician to obtain appropriate work restrictions and ensure timely treatment plans. 3-hab communicates diligently with the employer. Our physicians will also speak directly to the employer for updates. Our goal is to get the injured worker back to pre-injury status as quickly as possible effectively controlling costs. Calm the worker's compensation monster within your company by choosing 3-hab as your MCO for Worker’s Compensation.


Clients Talk About Us

Injured Worker

"My hands and arms are my livelihood, so when they were injured in an accident at work, you can imagine my fears and concerns. The first doctor who examined me gave me a lengthy prognosis and said, "This is a workers comp injury and that takes more time." We talked to Kimber at 3-hab and they got the ball rolling fast. They set me up with a fantastic surgeon to discuss options and set a date for my surgery. All within two weeks! My doctor said workers comp claims hardly ever move this fast. My surgery was a success thanks to the fantastic surgeon and the get-it-done attitude of Kimber at 3-hab. Kimber called me a myriad of times to make sure everything was getting done and checked in to see how I was doing. She was very personable and professional. I felt at ease knowing that 3-hab was taking care of my claim. When you're injured, its nice to know there's someone in your corner. Thanks for being there Kimber, and thanks 3-hab!"

Dunbar Armored

"I am very pleased with our partnership with 3-hab. My life has been made easier these past few years as I am kept abreast of the medical developments as they occur. With medical reports automatically provided by our assigned care coordinator, Jackie B., I can review the BWC files more quickly. When Jackie is out, I know others will automatically cover for her. I appreciate the care coordinators having access to your Medical Directors for their involvement on issues which arise. I’m of the opinion you have a well-run operation and I’m grateful for our relationship. Our prior MCO did not provide any consistency when it came to the service I expected. As a result, my thanks to you and all your staff."

Laura G. Tarbell, ARM, AIC - Dunbar Armored, Inc.

Derringer Company

"The turnaround time on claims information is negligible. Our Care Coordinator is always there to help in any way possible. One item that just never seems to be on my radar is having employees complete a TWB form when they return to work at less than full duty, I am glad I always get a reminder email to ensure completion for maximum financial benefit."

Rick Davis, The Derringer Company

Craftsman Electric

“My company has worked with 3-hab as our MCO for workers compensation for eight years. I can not say enough about the service I receive. After working with another MCO, there is no comparison. My employees receive faster and better care because of 3-hab`s physician claims management. This results with both happier employees and lower workers compensation costs. It has been a win-win for my company."

Kathleen Fischer, President Craftsman Electric

Buskin Bakery

"3-hab is so easy to contact. I am able to call or email and I get a response immediately. We are also in the process of switching pre-employment drug/alcohol testing as well as our work place injury provider. 3-hab has been a great help to us in this area. I can't say enough about the great service and professional relationship provided by 3-hab. I highly recommend them."

Lori Wedig, HR Leader Buskin Bakery

DiBella's Subs

"DiBella’s Old Fashioned Submarines, Inc., has partnered with 3-hab for close to 10 years. 3-hab has not let us down, they are on top of all of our claims. We work closely with the team on each individual claim. They are always responsive immediately. We highly recommend choosing 3-hab for an MCO.

Wendi Charles, Human Resources DiBella’s Old Fashioned Submarines, Inc.

Scarlet and Gray

"As our Managed Care Organization (MCO), 3-hab provides us with predictable care and stability allowing us to focus on our business operations. Their hands-on physicians review our cases and ensure our employees are on track to full recovery. 3-hab has maintained our familiar support staff, from the initial reporting, to follow-up care, to reviewing BWC paperwork. The relationships we established over the years enable effortless communication and support the consistent care for our employees.

Chris Cappel, Director of Human Resources Scarlet and Gray Facility Services

Madtree Brewing Company

"I want to share this letter of recommendation for 3-hab’s services as a worker’s compensation Managed Care Organization. Jeanne has always been very responsive and able to assist with any questions we may have. MadTree’s employees’ care has always been handled well. I would recommend using them as your MCO.

Mike Stuart Director, People and Social Strategy Madtree Brewing Company


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3-hab is a physician-directed communications link among medical providers, employers, and employees to ensure quality care to injured workers
promoting rapid recovery from injuries and industrial diseases, thus permitting quick resumption of work within safe environments.

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