Employer Education

Dear Employer,

So many employers think Worker’s Compensation is a monster and can’t easily be managed however, with 3-hab that can’t be further from the truth. When an employer makes an informed decision and chooses 3-hab the proactive MCO to efficiently and effectively manage their worker’s compensation claims it becomes effortlessly. Proactive 3-hab provides a one point contact with a person who we call a “care coordinator” and she/he does the leg work to obtain the medical information regarding the injured worker ensuring all parties to the claim are informed routinely. 3-hab works diligently to communicate with the employer even to the extent that it’s not unusual for the employer to receive a call from a physician to explain why something is occurring on a claim and at any time an employer can feel free to request to speak with one of our physician case managers for clarification regarding the injured workers treatment. 3-hab’s ultimate goal is to obtain a work release from the physician of record (POR) getting the injured worker safely back to work within restrictions thus controlling the employers bottom line when it comes to workers’ comp expense.

Your selecting 3-hab to be your proactive MCO during open enrollment or with you being a new employer to Ohio can be the best decision you make to calm the workers’ compensation monster within your company. ( If you do not select a MCO, the Ohio BWC may randomly assign one for your policy. )