Clients Talk About Us

"3-hab's occupational physicians have proactively communicated directly with our injured employee's treating physicians and successfully facilitated transitional work for them, which resulted in a win-win for everyone - improved employee morale and reduced or eliminated lost-time.

3-hab's experienced physicians and knowledgeable care coordinators have consistently demonstrated timely response to our questions. The personal follow up communication from a 3-hab physician sends the message that they truly care.

Derringer Company "The turnaround time on claims information is negligible. Our Care Coordinator is always there to help in any way possible. One item that just never seems to be on my radar is having employees complete a TWB form when they return to work at less than full duty, I am glad I always get a reminder email to ensure completion for maximum financial benefit." Rick Davis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“My company has worked with 3-hab as our MCO for workers compensation for eight years. I can not say enough about the service I receive. After working with another MCO, there is no comparison. My employees receive faster and better care because of 3-hab`s physician claims management. This results with both happier employees and lower workers compensation costs. It has been a win-win for my company." Kathleen Fischer President of Craftsman Electric